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PRIMETIME: Learn To Write with Screenwriting Legend Norman Steinberg

Over the past few years, several colleges and universities across the country—USC, UCLA, Emerson, Columbia College Chicago—have started undergrad, graduate, and professional programs designed to educate aspiring writers on the craft and business of television writing.

Many, however, operate in classrooms… using traditional lectures, workshops, etc. …Which doesn’t mean they’re not great experiences—I haven’t gone to any of them, so I don’t know—but a new graduate program at Long Island University recently caught my eye as something uniquely different and valuable… and worth sharing with you here!

There’s a lot of great stuff from Norman in here, such as:

You’ve been successful in both film and TV… but many writers find it difficult to straddle both.  What are the differences between a TV career and a film career… and how have you been able to maintain both?

If anything, those worlds have come much closer together. Used to be that you were branded as either a screenwriter or a TV writer.  I never accepted those strictures and was able to move back and forth with ease. Too many writers pigeonhole themselves and never get out of their own way.  Their mindset should be: “I am a writer, pure and simple. I can write in any genre for any medium. Whattaya need?”

Given the expansive writing being done in television today, it is a less troublesome transition to screenwriting than it was years ago.  There is also a much wider acceptance of TV writers into the screenwriting ranks.  The transition from screen to TV has always been easier. Just look at the proliferation of “A-list” screenwriters working full-time in TV, which was never the case before. Writing for television has definitely moved into the first-class cabin and along with it, greater access to screen work.

In the TV Writers Studio, I encourage my students to write screenplays as well as TV scripts during their free time. I read those scripts and give them notes. Several have already completed screenplays since we started last September. This is to further break down the divide, if there is any, between the big and small screens.”

Visit Script Magazine for the rest! Our thanks to Chad Gervich for writing such a great piece.



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